Why factoring brokers want you to change your factoring company

Greedy factoring brokerFactoring companies pay an introductory fee to a broker for each client that they introduce and therefore it is in the unscrupulous broker’s best interests to try and increase their own income by persuading their clients that a better or cheaper fit for their business is available elsewhere  and therefore introducing them to a different factoring company as soon as they are contractually able to, as that way they will earn another introductory fee.

The question that one has to ask is “if my existing factoring company is not the most suitable for my needs why did you introduce me to them in the first place”

The crafty broker will keep in contact with the company, ostensibly to ensure that everything is running smoothly but the real reason is to ensure that if the company does wish to change factoring companies that they get to handle the transfer and thus obtain another fee, and not some other broker